Page 9 - 39th Annual Conference Recap_Final
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CA. Nihar Jambusaria

                                       President, ICAI

                                        President congratulated Dubai Chapter for all the efforts been put and for
                                        promoting brand image of the chapter. He stated that the current
                                        environment we are in is uncertain so there is a need to reskill ourselves and
                                        praised Dubai chapter for selecting a very correct theme of reskilling. He
                                        discussed about the current technological age and the fact that there is a
                                        growing fear that it may disrupt our profession, he emphasized that even
                                        though some roles of repetitive nature might go away but it will bring some
                                        new areas of development for our profession and we should be ready to
                                        embrace  and reskill with the changing technological environment.

                                        He emphasized that there is a need to learn the new technology and in lieu
                                        of that ICAI's digital accounting & standard board is coming up with number
                                        of courses for our members. He further spoke about the sustainability
                                        standards been worked out by the chapter and how those standards are
                                        helping in carving out roadmap to counter adverse effects of current climate
                                        changes which the world is going through.

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