Page 10 - 39th Annual Conference Recap_Final
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CA (DR.) Debashis Mitra

                                        Vice-President, ICAI

                                        Vice-President started his speech my referring to rapid growth that ICAI
                                        chapters have shown over years. Currently ICAI has presence in 45 countries
                                        of the world represented by 42 overseas chapters and 26 representative
                                        offices. In India ICAI now holds 164 branch offices. He was elated in sharing
                                        that ICAI is the 2nd largest accounting body in the whole world. He further
                                        elaborated that ICAI continue to take initiatives to improve skill set of our
                                        members and the current initiatives include technological development on
                                        AI and data analytics. He shared further updates such as Institute has set up
                                        a separate board called digital accounting & standard board which is doing
                                        lot of research on this area. Chapter is also in process of developing audit
                                        tools around data analytics to upskill and reskill our members. Another
                                        important area is forensic audit for which chapter is developing standards.
                                        Another area on which chapter is working is sustainability standards  which
                                        are been developed in context of PPP (Profit, People and Planet). There are
                                        also quality standards under approval for use by practicing firms for

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