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H.E. DR. Thani Bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi

                                        Minister of State for Foreign Trade, UAE

                                        His Excellency stated that the pandemic crisis brought out the best in us in
                                        the UAE in terms of business resilience and foresightedness. UAE is in the
                                        path of doubling its economy in the next decade moving from Dh1.5 trillion
                                        economy to Dh3 trillion economy by 2030. He mentioned that UAE continue
                                        to maintain a fine balance between ensuring people’s health and maintaining
                                        economic continuity, with over US$ 100 Billion were disbursed in form of
                                        Economic Stimulus to alleviate Covid-19’s economic impact.
                                        The year 2020 will also be remembered as the year of historic reforms
                                        in the UAE most notably making amendments to the bankruptcy law,
                                        100 per cent foreign ownership etc.

                                        He further mentioned that the economic relations between the UAE and
                                        India have expanded significantly over the past decade with bilateral
                                        exchange growing from $180 million in 1971 to about $70 billion in 2019
                                        and UAE is among the most preferred investment destinations for the
                                        Indian expatriate community

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