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H.E. Pavan Kapoor

                                       Ambassador of India to UAE

                                        H.E. Pavan Kapoor, Ambassador of India to UAE, stated that after a
                                        catastrophic year we are on road to recovery. He mentioned that ministers
                                        from India and UAE continue to have discussions virtually on various aspects
                                        to strength the relationship especially on areas of health, renewable energy,
                                        education and oil & gas. Further he stated that food security and health care
                                        are seen as important areas of growth. He mentioned that even during
                                        pandemic infused lockdowns, India continued food supplies to UAE and
                                        sent essential healthcare support.

                                        India sent 200,000 doses of Astrazenca vaccine during the month of February
                                        this year and from UAE side, India received huge support in terms of ventilators,
                                        bipap machines, transport support for liquid medical  oxygen etc.

                                        He shared that even when India is hard hit by Covid19's 2nd wave, many
                                        agencies have given economic predictions of double digit growth for this
                                        year. He mentioned that during the financial year 2021 India received highest
                                        ever FDI inflows close to US$ 82 billion (a growth of 10% over previous
                                        financial year). UAE has currently invested around US$ 11 billion into India
                                        which makes it 8  largest investor into India in terms of FDI.

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