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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
(Dubai Chapter)

ICAI (Dubai) Chapter, established in 1982, is the largest, most active and award-winning chapter among the 33 overseas chapters of ICAI. It has registered a phenomenal growth in membership in recent years and currently has over 3,000 members. Members represent more than 1,550 multinational and other companies.




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Chairman's Message

Dear Members, Former Chairmen, our Vice Chairman Shri Jai Prakash Agarwal and other colleagues in the ExCom,

I am humble and my heart is full of gratitude. It is a matter of pride and privilege to serve the largest and the best overseas chapter of ICAI, India as the Chairman of the Dubai Chapter.

It is said Rome was not built in a day and same is with our Dubai chapter. It took 42 years of efforts to earn the present status of Dubai Chapter as the largest and best overseas Chapter. I have been a member of this Chapter since 1993, when I landed in the dream city called Dubai. There used to be less than 150 members and difficult to find members to serve the ExCom.

Thanks to all our past Chairmen and their teams for their contributions and efforts, I am fortunate to have inherited the rich legacy of our Chapter. The CA profession has contributed a lot in my professional as well as in my personal life. On a lighter note it will not be exaggeration to say that one of the main reasons of having an intelligent, accommodating, and beautiful life partner Varsha, was my qualification of CA. My in-laws proudly mentioned “Kanwar Sahab CA hai”. Then, the Audit goes a step further, “Kawar Sahab CA hai, ya CA kar rahe hai?”. Because in some cases a boy would became “Kawar Sahab” before even becoming a CA.

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