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Who is eligible to be a member of the Dubai Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India?

A qualified chartered accountant having a membership from the ICAI and residing in UAE with a valid residence visa. Newly qualified CAs possessing valid residence visa in UAE may also apply to become provisional members by approaching the Secretary, Dubai Chapter of ICAI with proof of credentials.

How do I become a member of the Chapter?

On establishing your eligibility to become a member you may make a payment of AED 500/- any of the Executive Committee members. Following verification of submitted data and completion of other procedural requirements you may be admitted to the membership of the Dubai Chapter of ICAI. This will be communicated to you by the Chapter.

I reside in Dubai and am already a member of ICAI in India. Is it necessary to become a member of Dubai Chapter?

Yes. While the membership of the ICAI is essential for the purpose of accreditation of your professional qualification, the membership with Dubai Chapter of ICAI will entitle you to participate in the Chapter's activities and attend the various technical seminars .

What are the fees of the Dubai Chapter and its validity?

The Dubai Chapter of ICAI charges annual membership fees to enable it to conduct its various activities. This is currently AED 500/- P.A. The fees are for 12 month membership, from 1st July to 30th June of the following year.

I am becoming member of Dubai Chapter for the first time. Do I need to pay any admission fee in addition?

No. The joining member needs to pay only the annual membership fees for the prevalent July-June period. Such amount is payable in full even where the application is made at any point during that term. 

Where do I pay the fees for the Chapter?

For the convenience of members, fees may be paid:

  1. By cheque – Prepare and forwarded to The Secretary, Dubai Chapter of ICAI OR email  webeditor@icaidubai.org to schedule a courier pick up at a time and location convenient for you.
  2. A receipt will be faxed in due course.
  3. All cheques should be crossed as Account Payee and payable to 'Dubai Chapter of ICAI'.
I have just cleared my CA final and awaiting membership number from ICAI New Delhi, Can I now become Member of the Chapter.

Newly qualified CAs may apply to become provisional members by approaching the Secretary, Dubai Chapter of ICAI with proof of credentials. Please also refer to question 1 above. 

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the Dubai Chapter of ICAI

The Dubai Chapter of ICAI exists to provide its members a common platform at which they can interact and gain further knowledge from the various technical seminars, presentations, meetings and workshops that are periodically organized. Besides, the Chapter organizes various social and CSR activities in which the member can participate. 

Can I pay the ACA, FCA membership renewal through Dubai Chapter?

Yes. Such fees are payable through ICAI Office at Knowledge Village, Dubai . The Institute has also recently launched a portal to assist in the collection of fees (please click here to get connected to the link). Dubai Office of the ICAI will facilitate members in such renewals.

Does the Dubai Chapter facilitate the renewal of ACA, FCA membership?


I have changed my job and need to change my address and email address. How do I do that?

Please login under your specific user ID and update your profile. All subsequent correspondence will be addressed accordingly. Please do note that such data will be only for the records with the Dubai Chapter of ICAI and the member should separately update the records with the ICAI.

How can I participate in the activities of the Dubai Chapter of ICAI?

It is essential to be a member of the Dubai Chapter o f ICAI to participate. If the member wishes to be included in any sub-committee of the Chapter he may express his interest to do so by including details under the member's profile. To be part of the Management Committee of the Dubai Chapter of ICAI, the member should seek to be elected by other members of the Dubai Chapter of ICAI.

I want to do a presentation at the Dubai Chapter of ICAI.

The member should approach the Secretary, Dubai Chapter of ICAI with at least an outline of what is proposed. If the topic is decided as being of interest and suitable to be presented to the members of the Dubai Chapter of ICAI, the speaker will be advised accordingly. 


I need information on the ICAI/Dubai Chapter of ICAI?

As an initial step, the member is encouraged to persue this site, which has included most topics of interest to the member under various headings. If this has proved to be inadequate or other information is desired, the member may choose to write to the Dubai Chapter of ICAI by selecting the appropriate contact under the 'contact us' section on the home page. 


Does the Dubai Chapter of ICAI assist in placements?

Such activities are regulated by the Economic Department. The Dubai Chapter of ICAI does not therefore provide this as a formal service. However, by way of offering an incidental service to its members, a section has been included, wherein we will seek to post any vacancies advised to the Dubai Chapter of ICAI. The member may wish to periodically review this section, to become aware of any requirements that may arise from time to time


Can I submit my Examination Application form to the Dubai Chapter of ICAI?

The Dubai Chapter of ICAI assists in conducting the various examinations of the ICAI in Dubai. However all examinee related documentation should continue to be dealt with the ICAI direct. Assistance may however be sought from the Dubai Office of the ICAI.