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CA Mahmood Bangara

Dear Professional Colleagues,


Indeed, it is a true honor as you have elected me as the Chairman of the largest overseas chapter of ICAI, I accept it with humility, to serve and to collectively deliver. It brings more delight as ICAI has become the pride of India, emerging as the biggest statutory body worldwide.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team” - Phil Jackson

In the year of Sheikh Zayed, let us pay tribute to the great rulers and people of UAE for giving us enormous opportunities to prosper. Let us follow the light and path of Mahatma Gandhi, as the world is pouring admiration on his 150th birth anniversary. The guidance of ICAI has been quite valuable. I laud my respected predecessors for laying their bricks for the chapter in the past 36 years.

Technology is conquering and disrupting the world around and our profession is under the pressure for change. We have to become accounting scientists to redefine our roles.  Our events will focus on relevant Knowledge upgradation and professional development as key priorities.  

CAs are gradually emerging as modern strategists and business leaders broadening the avenues of work and knowledge. Innovation will be taken in high momentum whenever opportunity arises, especially in AI, block chain, robotics IOT and so on.

CA Education is neither a deterrent nor a limitation, but the strength to become an entrepreneur. Some startup speeches and summits will throw light into this process.

In the era of connectivity, in reality, people are getting disconnected. Our networking is a modest attempt to bring human faces together and reinforce their bonding.

Subject experts, social leaders, motivational speakers, and Emirati dignitaries and women leaders will all address us. Happy family will bring out happy CAs and there will be events for families too. CSR, women and students events will get deserving importance.

We can’t afford to compromise on our core professional values, ethics, independence and mutual respect as we are connected to the world of business and nation around.


“Clear Vision Defines Clear Path Ahead..”


  • Initiate a Building fund to buy a free hold office
  • Initiate a benevolent fund for Member CAs, develop guide lines for use
  • Develop a Job Portal for members
  • Revamp IT system as feasible
  • Bilateral MOU with UAE Educational institutions as feasible
  • Set up an expert committee, to address practice related issues to the UAE government and ICAI
  • Set up committee for upgradation for electronic voting system and revisit the need of any electoral reforms
  • Block chain, internet of things, Robotics seminars and certifications
  • Banking seminar
  • Startup seminar
  • Expo 20 20, our endorsement and how does it matter to us
  • Higher degree of member engagement.



Changes what we see now is a small fraction of what is going to happen. In the chapter, we are making an attempt to keep us relevant. Every CA is a leader, so your roles will be of paramount importance to me. At the end of the term, if your self-score card shows some gain with chapter connect, I will be so gratified.

Rest assured, I am fully committing, to do my best.

Stay blessed.


Thanking you,

CA Mahmood Bangara


ICAI (Dubai) Chapter NPIO