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CA Anish Mehta, Chairman - ICAI Dubai Chapter NPIO 2019-2020

Dear Professional Colleagues

It’s an honor for me to get elected as the Chairman of our prestigious chapter. I accept it with great humility for serving you and collectively deliver along with my team which includes experienced members and few who have got elected for the first time. This is my 7th year in the managing committee of our chapter and every year of the last 6 years has been an amazing experience with immense learning. This couldn’t have been possible without your love and affection which keeps us going and encourages us to do more achieving the objectives of our Chapter.


Success is not just the hard work but a combination of many other factors and each factor contributes in the success of our Chapter and its members.

During the existence of our chapter in the last 37 years, we have made tremendous progress. The success we have achieved is not because of any one individual but with the collective efforts and work done by our founders, leaders and members year on year. We are certainly proud of the fact that we are an integral part of the largest overseas Chapter of ICAI.

Congratulations to all our founders, leaders, members and other stakeholders who support us in all our endeavors. But this success is incomplete if we don’t thank enough the great rulers and people of the UAE for the opportunities given to us to grow and advance in the land of opportunities. We are celebrating this year as Year of Tolerance and we pay hearty tributes to the founding father of the UAE - Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The Indians all over the world are celebrating 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and we pay tribute to our father of the nation and we will continue celebrating the 150th anniversary with great joy. I am very thankful to ICAI leadership in India for their continued interest and support helping us fulfill the objectives of ICAI and Dubai Chapter.


In line with the discussions held in the managing committee, we wish to organize events which are of immense interest to our members. In addition to the monthly technical seminars, CSR activities, Sports events, family events and our most-awaited flagship Annual Conference, some of the topics or subjects on which we aim to conduct events and/or workshops include 

International Financial
Reporting Standards (IFRS)
International Standards on Auditing (ISA’s) Wealth management and
Wealth coaching
Investments opportunities in
India and Abroad
Importance of Wills and
succession planning
UAE laws affecting business
and profession
Value Added Tax, Excise laws,
Transfer Pricing, ESR
Internal Audit and Risk
Management, Credit Rating etc.
Startup and Fintech Indian Budget Analysis Feasibility Studies, Valuation,
Trade Finance and Private Equity
Digital Transformation


Friends, year 2019-2020 is the 38th year of ICAI Dubai. We had glorious 37 years of excellence. We have very strongly decided that this year we will celebrate as 38th year of excellence and will be called as ‘Year of Members’ where we expect that the launch of few initiatives will significantly increase the involvement of members in the initiatives / activities of the Chapter. To name a few these can be sharing/imparting technical knowledge in a technical seminar, participating and volunteering in the activities of interest, participating and display of talent in the social events etc. Some of the initiatives which we have planned for increasing the members involvement include
a) Developing focus groups for IFRS, Tax, Specific Industries and other regulatory changes
b) Publishing “Compendium of Views” i.e. frequently asked Q & A’s on Tax, IFRS etc.
c) Recognizing exceptional achievements of our members on ICAI Platform
d) Completing the work and launching of Job Portal which we had commenced under the chairmanship of CA Mahmood Bangara.


Friends, I am very pleased to share that from our office in DIFC which was inaugurated under the Chairmanship of CA Naveen Sharma, we will be moving to new office in Damac Park Towers by November 2019. You will be very pleased to note that we have managed to get a bigger office at reduced cost which we intend to use for learning activities and exploring the possibility of conducting focus group meetings apart from our normal functioning and conducting our board meetings as and when required.


The world today is rapidly changing, more unpredictably and with countless shifts particularly technologically and economically. With change comes disruption. The rules we once considered as principles of life and perceptions of right and wrong as clear cut are all being tested. The role of Accountant is going through a major shift and together we will work towards countering all the challenges ahead.


I know that coming times will be better for ICAI DUBAI and we as members have very incredible and important role to play for making sure that our organizations succeed. This connects me to very beautiful quote by Mother Teresa where she said ‘Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.’

Please be assured that we are fully committed to do our best with passion and keeping your interests ahead. Looking forward to your continued support in making this year a memorable year, a year which is full of learning, networking and extending our camaraderie.