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CA Naveen Sharma

Dear Members,


Success is not a destination, but a continuous journey. In the last 35 years, ICAI Dubai Chapter has made tremendous progress because of collective hard work of our members and visionary leaders year after year. My journey with the Chapter started several years back and throughout the journey day after day, weeks after weeks, event after event, I got a chance to learn something new, to meet new people and to solve problems in different ways. I always dreamt of taking our chapter and our profession to greater heights and glory.

Human mind is a super highway of thoughts (estimated to be 40,000 per day per person). Thoughts produce ideas and if we implement as a team even 5% of ideas into positive actions, we will achieve wonders.

You will appreciate that the potential of ideas is enormous and mind-boggling. We as a team, will have a huge reservoir of ideas to work on. I wish to implement some percentage of our ideas from our thoughts to achieve unique recognition for our chapter. My focus will be to continue on with the good works done by the past Chairmen and committees and keep on upgrading and lead Dubai Chapter to meet new challenges which we are facing in our professional field almost every day.

Join the journey

I am overwhelmed and humbled to be elected by you as Chairman for the year 2017-18 and have accepted this challenging position of our Chapter and look forward to valuable cooperation from all members. As a start, I wish to share some of the key initiatives which I have thought of and have drawn a road map, which I am sure with your continued support, we all will jointly take our chapter to much higher platform of professionalism.

Key initiatives:

A. Value Added Tax (VAT)

ICAI Certification course on VAT

ICAI Dubai Chapter VAT zero hours session

ICAI Dubai Chapter VAT round table conference

VAT Online Quiz – From ICAI website & facebook

B. IT Initiatives

Exclusive e-Library for our members

Online CPE

Online payment

ICAI UAE Dubai Chapter Calendar App

Tech Byte counter in our meetings

C. Career Progress / Jobs

International Campus Recruitment for our members with ICAI India.

Member to Member job portal

Member Networking Club (MNC) and study meet up groups

D. Starting an Idea Hub to -

Suggest a speaker

Suggest a member

Suggest a sponsor

Suggest an idea or feedback

Create a Think Tank of ideas

E. Joint events with world renowned Universities / Institutions

F. Offsite residential workshop to enhance bonding within members

G. Connecting members with sponsors for mutual benefits

H. Introducing ICAI Living Legend Award

I. Web partnership with small and medium size practicing firms

J. Single day multiple meetings K. Introducing ICAI Dubai Chapter Radio.

And last but not the least, celebrating our Chapter Foundation Day.

Friends, I remain committed and promise you all that I will do my best to fulfill and complete this road map during my tenure and look forward to your continued cooperation as always.

I take this opportunity to convey my best wishes in advance to you and your families for the festival season ahead. CA Naveen Sharma Chairman ICAI UAE Dubai Chapter.

CA Naveen Sharma


ICAI UAE Dubai Chapter